Customer Story: Government of Jersey

by | Jul 1, 2021 | Change, Customer stories, Government

What Hable did:

Raise awareness of the capabilities of Microsoft 365 through a change management programme

Worked closely with departments to understand their current state of working

Developed an engaging internal comms strategy

Delivered a mass training programme to staff across the government

Created an engaging set of learning resources and built a SharePoint site to host them

The project outcomes:

Over 1,000 members of staff supported through engaging learning sessions

96% of participants rated our training either ‘good’ or ‘excellent’

Users of Teams doubled across the Government from 2,000 to over 4,000

A successful Digital Champions programme launched

Hable have recently completed a major change management and adoption programme with the Government of Jersey, helping to improve collaboration and productivity across a number of Government departments.  

In October 2020, Hable began working with the Government of Jersey as part of their implementation and organisational wide roll-out of Microsoft 365. We were given one main objective: to raise awareness of the endless capabilities of Microsoft 365, focusing on how it will enable them to communicate easily, collaborate securely and work more confidently. 

To start this project, we needed to get a feel for the organisation and a deeper understanding of the ways in which people were working at the time. We ran a number of initial workshops with different stakeholder groups, to develop a strong understanding of where they were now and what their desired future state was.

This gave us a real insight into the challenges faced across the Government of Jersey and allowed us to offer suggestions for ways to elevate the adoption of Microsoft technologies across their various departments.

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Communicating change effectively

When Hable were introduced to this project, adoption of Microsoft technologies across the government was low, with the benefits not widely known among users. It was our job to come in and communicate these changes and their benefits to people across the Government of Jersey.

To do this, we started with a clear and effective communications strategy using our inhouse design team to create and execute a range of bespoke comms materials. This was made up of digital banners, posters, flyers and a slide master, which were used to communicate the benefits of adopting Microsoft 365 technologies across the Government of Jersey (GoJ) departments. 

Providing the right training and learning for successful change

To ensure all people across the government had access to learning resources, we created a bespoke 365 Hub; a central SharePoint site to store everything,  ensuring resources are easy to find and more accessible, enabling users to be more self-sufficient.  

We also delivered a mass training programme to over 1,000 delegates within the Government, calling this the “Working as One” programme, designed to help employees develop and grow knowledge of Microsoft 365 applications in order to work more confidently in their roles.

This resulted in the delivery of 60 live events, with 96% of delegates rated these ‘good’ or ‘excellent.’

“I thought the training sessions were brilliant,” says Claire Hassan, a Change Manager at Government of Jersey who has been working closely with us on this. “Hable’s trainers were exceptional; especially Isabel and Wing. The feedback from these sessions has been absolutely excellent.

Creating successful change through a network of digital champions 

Having a strong network of dedicated and engaged digital champions is a fantastic way to create successful change, through offering peer-to-peer support between colleagues and helping to improve confidence.

“The champions programme has been excellent, and another thing we’ve received great feedback from,” says Claire Johnson, who has been the Senior Project Manager from GoJ on this rollout. “We’ve tried setting up something before and didn’t quite see the results we wanted, but this time it has really taken off.”

We worked with the Government of Jersey to recruit this network across various departments, based on people who were already engaged with the Microsoft 365 technologies and using the programmes regularly.

From there, we delivered a number of sessions to these champions that would help them get the most out of their roles, including Applying Change as Champions, Communication and Learning, Managing Resistance, and Driving Adoption.

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Reviewing the success of change and adoption

Following on from everything we implemented, we delve in to take a closer look and review how successful the change was.

This started with an evaluation report and review, which showed an increase of Teams users from 2,000 to 4,000, attributed both to training from Hable and the ongoing wider rollout of Teams across the Government of Jersey.  

“Working with Hable has been absolutely brilliant,” says Claire Johnson. “The engagement has been amazing from the get go. Whenever we’ve asked a question Hable have just always known the answer and been really helpful.”

We’re also carrying out some follow up How You Work workshops, looking at how people were working before versus how they’re working now. We’ll use findings to provide recommendations and next steps which will take the Government of Jersey’s Microsoft 365 journey up to the next level.

“I think people are a lot more encouraged to change their ways of working now,” says Claire Johnson. “They’re more engaged, and they’re taking an interest in how they can change the way they behave and work using this new technology.”

Working in new ways across Governments, with Microsoft 365

At Hable, we work closely with Governments and Government departments, helping them to unlock new ways of working through Microsoft 365 technologies.

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