At the beginning of last year, we were approached by Microsoft to help them design courses aimed at schools who wanted help with their education technology curriculum and strategies. We didn’t want to create the usual sales pitch, so we made a video series (which is honestly way better than most Netflix original series!)

Our series features two easily-recognisable characters in UK schools – enthusiastic teacher Jenny who just came back from BETT bubbling with new ideas, and Bill, the poor IT guy who has to figure how to accommodate her vision to use new teaching technologies in the classroom. Bill believes that ‘it’s not as easy as that’ to implement Microsoft’s Office 365 in the cloud:

‘It takes time – we’ve hosted our Exchange servers here for 20 years, we can’t just switch them off.’

But really – how hard could it be?

This first series is to help schools set up and running with Office 365 Education. Office 365 Education gives schools a free set of cloud services including everything from email and document storage, to innovative apps for teaching and learning. The videos are featured as part of the Microsoft Education Community course Deploying Office 365 for Education. From learning how to sign-up for your free Office 365 Education tenant to managing Microsoft Teams in the classroom, we cover everything you need to know…

Become part of the Microsoft Educator Community and you could start earning badges and certificates on this personalized hub, created for educators like you:

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