Hable has recently been working with Ofsted to help their teams increase communication and clarity across the organisation. Being the office responsible for Standards in Education, Children’s Services and Skills, Ofsted inspect and regulate services that care for children and young people across the country. Making sure communication flows seamlessly and accurately is key to deliver work that is evidence-based and fair while being productive and efficient.

The following is a guest post by #TeamHable veteran EdTech consultant Paul Hart. Take it away Paul:

In my days of being a teacher, the thought of spending three days in the company of Ofsted was not something I would exactly have been thrilled about! However, delivering SharePoint Online training to the Ofsted teams in Birmingham, Manchester and London over the last couple of months to support them with their move to cloud-based working was a very pleasant experience.

Learning to use new tools

As part of a series of Hable learning days we really explored the ways in which SharePoint Online could be used to organise information to make it easily accessible to colleagues in various locations. We also explored the possibilities of using Flow to automate tasks and manage processes, carefully considering how this fairly recent tool could be used in their current practice.

“You can tell you were a teacher”

I am now fairly used to hearing the comment of “you can tell you were a teacher” (which I usually take as a compliment!) and I do hope that the skills and experience I acquired in the classroom – together with the way I make sure participants of our learning days are actively engaging with the new technologies – make my training technique engaging and effective. After being thanked for delivering enjoyable and accessible training with useful practical applications after each of these Ofsted sessions, I will take that as some sort of validation of my credentials.

I always loved teaching, and delivering training (or learning as Hable calls it) enables me to continue to use my educator skillset and experience alongside my knowledge and experience of working with technology. I take pride in being able to have an impact on the working practice of others – I hope that makes me ‘Outstanding’ 😊

Set up SharePoint for your organisation

If you’d like to make the most of Office 365 including SharePoint, Flow, and Teams, why not get in touch with Hable to talk about learning days for your organisation? If you’re purchasing HP equipment for a school or university you may be able to get free learning days as part of our partnership with HP for Education. Follow the link for more details.

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