This is the second of a blog series about what it’s like to be a part of the Hable team from a personal perspective. Click here to read blog n I, II and III.

It’s International Women’s Day – a global day celebrating the social, cultural, economic and political achievements of women around the world.  At Hable, we’re really proud of our team and the great things we achieve as a diverse collective.

Today is an opportunity to recognise the fantastic things women achieve in the workplace, but also the amazing things women do to shake things up in the STEM industry.

A customer I was working with recently commented “We don’t usually see female IT Consultants” and he was right. While there are more women joining STEM industries each year, the percentage is still low – around 20%.  What’s special about Hable is that it’s made up of a number of women across a variety of roles. In fact, half of our workforce is made up of women (and actually 50% of our Leadership team is female).

Creativity and innovation is at the heart of what we do, and a diverse workforce is a key part of that. We hope to Inspire more women into the Technology sector and on that note…

Here’s a little about the women at #TeamHable, in their own words!

Nicki Harman

Title: Senior Consultant

Been at Hable for: 2 years

Typical day: Either … Working from home – using the tools and the technology we advocate to communicate with customers, develop training materials or perhaps shape the strategy for change … from the comfort of the Welsh hills

Or …Onsite – having the privilege of delivering workshops that often signify the start of the journey for people, in their use of new tools such as Office 365 or perhaps a new device

Best thing about working at Hable: It is all about what I love doing the most … creating materials and delivering training that makes a difference to people … how they feel, what they can do and how excited they are about the future

Motivator: Professionally – Doing something that may have a positive impact on someone else … not just short term but on their long-term future. Personally – enjoying life and not being afraid to take a risk … “The only risk you take in life is to take no risk at all”.

Outside of work: Enjoying where I live … I may be biased but I think it is the most beautiful place you could find.  Playing with the newest members of the family: two gorgeous Airedales, Cerys and Ceulan.  A nice large G&T – preferably the Pink variety!

Favourite food: Thai Green Curry or Spaghetti Bolognese

A woman who inspires me: Famous – massive sports fan so Billie Jean King.

Closer to home – best boss I have ever worked for – who inspired me to always aim to ‘be exceptional’ and who made me believe that I could be.  Forever grateful to you Jayne Davies for helping me to ‘Find my element’ (with a bit of help from Sir Ken Robinson too!!).

Sarah Mann

Title: Training and Accessibility lead

Been at Hable for: 4 years

Typical day: No such thing! This week at an amazing school in Edinburgh, observing lessons, advising on IT strategy, last week teaching collaboration tools to a Japanese shipping company, next week, planning a comms strategy with a university.

Best thing about working at Hable: The team.  The challenge.  The satisfaction of a job well done.  The flexibility.  The trust.

Motivator: A sense of purpose, doing a job well and the freedom to decide how to make it so. Impact on customers e.g. training teachers so students are enabled to develop 21st century learning skills. Or helping businesses or public sector to be more productive in work which has direct impact on people’s life/work balance.

Outside of work: Rest and play! Early morning bootcamp in my local park, eating out with friends, theatre, films, gigs

Favourite food: Pretty much anything French!

A woman who inspires me: My wonderful 85-year-old mother, the fabulous Caitlin Moran, and Michelle Obama (but also Beyonce, Neneh Cherry, Malala Yousafzai, my friend Tracy, Martha Lane Fox, Yrsa Daly Ward – aargghh!) And what if I’ve forgotten someone really obvious ?

Find me on Twitter @sarahmann365 and LinkedIn.

Debbie Haynes

Title: Software Training Consultant (although I would love the title of Millionairess)

Been at Hable for: 1 year

Typical day: No day is typical which is why I love what I do

Best thing about working at Hable: The camaraderie, sharing experiences, knowledge and the opportunities and laughs we have together as a team

Motivator: To help make an impactful and positive difference

Outside of work: Ooh, spend time with family, travelling and going to music gigs from heavy metal to pop and Blues

Favourite food: Lobster Thermidor

A woman who inspires me: So very proud of my fabulous, beautiful daughter who also happens to speak 5 languages – very jealous!

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Sital Champaneria

Title: It’s work in progress…(I’m doing lots of things!)

Been at Hable for: 6 months

Typical day:  Travel to client site, support in a training session introducing new ways of working, hands on at people’s desks familiarising them with new tools, Microsoft Teams calls with users who work remotely, back to supporting users at their desks finally finishing with a bit of change management guidance writing on the train home

Best thing about working at Hable: Everyone is just so damn nice! I’m encouraged to develop and evolve my role to work both for me and Hable.  I’m trusted to just get on with it

Motivator: See above. Hable have some great opportunities so I’m determined to make the most of it.  I also have a bee in my bonnet about women in STEM and people being happy at work

Outside of work: Renovating a house at the moment so all my free time is taken up picking tiles (telling my children not to taste the grouting), looking at bathrooms (telling my kids not to climb in the bathtubs), flicking through home catalogues (telling my children to stop drawing in said catalogues)

Favourite food: All things potato – Chips, Roasted, jackets, mashed (but only if drowning in butter)

A woman who inspires me: Michelle Obama, Anne-Marie Imafidon & my sister who is a woman in tech, a writer, baker and never swears.

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Mel Hunter

Title: Operations Manager

Been at Hable for: 2 years

Typical day: 9am Hi five myself if I’ve managed to get my 2 girls to school on time with the right lunches, instruments, books, homework etc.  9:30 after walking the dog I get home and start work and spend the best part of the day online, on the phone, in spreadsheets and diaries organising Team Hable.  3:15 pick up from school and become a taxi for various kid’s activities!

Best thing about working at Hable: I love the people and really enjoy our team get togethers; the flexibility and the variety of working at Hable.  One day I am creating reports and the next I am at the Uzbekistan Embassy!

Motivator: Doing a good job and knowing that I’ve made a difference in some way

Outside of work: I enjoy being outside – walking, running and playing with the kids.  I always like to have my next holiday booked and love my holidays.  My guilty pleasure is musicals – singing, dancing and trips to the theatre are a must in our house!

Favourite food: Chocolate

A woman who inspires me: My sister who has always been there for me, shown me that anything in possible and is a real-life superwoman.

Natalie Williams

Title: Account Manager, Schools Business

Been at Hable for: 6 months

Typical day: Each day is fairly different but my main responsibilities involve talking to our lovely schools about their plans to move to, or embedding Office 365 across their school. At the moment I am having lots of conversations with school leaders about their desire to use their office 365 platform as a virtual learning environment and offering advice and guidance as to how Hable’s team can help.

Best thing about working at Hable: I love talking to our customers who genuinely understand and love the Hable brand.  I also love the work life balance that Hable offers along side a great team culture

Motivator: Being successful in helping our schools achieve their goals alongside a work life balance that allows me to pick my children up from school and ask them about their day. (Although typical boys, they rarely tell me anything!)

Outside of work: I love spending time with my family. My youngest has just learnt to ride a bike so bike rides are currently on the agenda!

Favourite food: Anything Thai

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Lisa Clark

Title: Learning and Development Consultant

Been at Hable for: 1 year

Typical day: Starts with travelling of some kind, catching up on work and colleagues enroute then spending the day either delivering training or working with clients.

Best thing about working at Hable: I love how there are so many opportunities to learn new things; working with people and developing their skills is really rewarding

Motivator: Helping people find solutions that make their lives better.  Creating change, for myself and others

Outside of work: All sorts of stuff including studying Psychology, a bit of painting, getting involved in my sons’ school and clubs but as a family, our preferred pastime is sailing on the Thames

Favourite food: How long have you got? I love all kinds of food but if I had to choose it’d be ‘something fresh from the ocean’.

A woman who inspires me: My maternal grandmother, she was Icelandic, our matriarch and a real tough cookie.  Family came first, always.  Her principles were based on tradition; loyalty, respect and a love of each other.

If you want to know more about us, or who we are or what we do – get in touch! 🙂