Introducing: A New Look For Hable

We are turning five! To celebrate this milestone, we are excited to introduce our brand new look…

There are some days on the calendar which naturally inspire a time for reflection and celebration. One of those in particular being milestone birthdays. At Hable, we are fast approaching our fifth birthday as a company, so we have taken the opportunity to reflect on our journey so far, re-establish our brand, values and mission, and look ahead to where we are going. With this time of reflection, we have also gone through some changes. We are excited to share with you our brand new look and website re-launch. The new branding represents a time for transition into a more mature phase of our business – Hable is no longer a start-up, we’re all grown up. As well as a re-vamp of our brand, we have really thought about our mission and values, so we can be clear on what Hable is about as we look ahead to the future.

Spearheading our visual transformation is our new Creative Lead – Zac Wiltermood. Zac joined us this August and has brought fresh ideas and a new approach to our brand. On the new branding, Zac says: “We used Hable’s existing branding as a starting point, but we wanted to create a more refined look to illustrate the modern and forward-thinking company that Hable is as it enters a new phase of business.”

As well as a new look, we have re-evaluated what Hable means as a company by re-establishing our values and mission. Let’s take a look at our key messages..  

Our mission statement is “Change how your people feel about technology.” We love technology, but our real passion is people and giving them the tools they need to succeed in an ever-evolving workplace – this is what underlies every aspect of our work.

So, what do we do? Hable will make your Office 365 rollout by putting people at the heart of it. We’ll help you dream big and deploy fast. We are passionate about Office 365 and the huge benefits it can bring to your workplace, from streamlining processes to enabling more flexible working options. We know that by putting people at the centre of our work, we can bring our customers maximum benefit. 

Our services come under the following three headings…

1) Managing Successful Change: At Hable, we use our change management process to simplify the transition process by utilising the know-how of our team. Our people integrate with your team to find a way to drive change in a way that best fits your company culture – this ensures that your business can transition quickly and continue on an upwards road to success.

2) Delivering Impactful Learning: We’ve said it before and we’ll say it again. Here at Hable we are passionate about education and enabling life-long learning. We want to deliver impact; for us the best way of doing this is by making technology work for your people. We have a category of workshops covering every aspect of Microsoft 365, Windows 10 and new device rollouts, as well as offering bespoke “soft skills” workshops that are tailored to suit the needs of our individual clients. Our workshops entail a mix of floor walking and personalised online workshops – where we work with small groups. We always prefer the personal touch! It doesn’t stop there, Hable train up in-house digital champions who can continue to lead the way long after the training process is done.

3) Supporting Office 365 Adoption: We support your adoption from beginning to end with hands-on workshops and by showing you how to optimise your transition to cloud using tools such as SharePoint Online and Microsoft Teams. #TeamHable helps you to build custom SharePoint sites and use Teams correctly, as well as showing you how to build your own Office 365 apps to address your needs.


Our sector expertise: We have experience in four key sectors; government, commercial, schools and universities. Since our beginnings, we have been privileged to work with some amazing organisations, which you can read about on our new “Customer Stories” page of our website. We can’t wait to see who else we’ll be working with in the future as the next stage of Hable’s journey unfolds!


Cheers to five years of Hable! Stay tuned for more…