Hable’s Top 5 “Microsoft Ignite” Announcements

Microsoft have just finished their annual event “Microsoft Ignite 2020” which was packed full of announcements and new features. The conference is always followed by lots of updates to the Microsoft stack, and this year was no exception! 

As you can imagine, COVID-19 weighed heavily on the agenda, with the event run online for the first time. In the wake of the pandemic, the discussion around the changing world of work and the future of productivity was at the fore:

“We are experiencing digital transformation at epic speed,” notes Jared Spataro, Corporate VP for Microsoft 365: “COVID-19 has accelerated secular trends in the ways we work and live, jumpstarting durable new habits that will persist well past the pandemic. Throughout 2020, as we’ve navigated the equivalent of a year of digital transformation every month, it’s IT pros who’ve led the way.

He added: “Now, as business leaders look to build resilient organisations and find new opportunities for expansion, they’re looking to IT pros for sustainable solutions to support them for the long haul.”

Microsoft shared their vision for the Future of Productivity and the world of work, which centred on three pillars:

  • Collaboration
  • Learning
  • Wellbeing

Their research into the pandemic is interesting, given the access they have to data and insights on how customers globally are using their tools. Have a look at the Future of Work report to learn more!

If you have the time, then the full list of announcements from Ignite can be found here in the Book of News. However, at #TeamHable we thought it would be useful to pick out the top features for you! So here are our top 5:

1. Breakout Rooms in Teams are here! 

Well you will have them by 2020 if you haven’t had them already… Organisers can split up meeting participants into smaller groups, presenters can hop between breakout rooms and then close them to bring everyone back together.

2. Live Captions and Speaker Attribution… is now generally available! After a meeting, a recap feature will consolidate the meeting recording, the transcript (with who said what, not just what was said), chat and shared files will all be shared with the meeting participants.

3. Virtual Commute in Teams & Headspace is on the way next year, aimed at the people working from home. Start your “virtual commute” in the morning with a ‘Daily Briefing Email’ from Cortana, and key personal productivity insights from My Analytics, then finish your day by mindfully disconnecting with the Headspace…

4. SharePoint “Boost” is an exciting one for anyone in the Communications and Change business. You can prioritise key news and announcements to show at the top of employee feeds with settings like “keep until it’s read” or “keep until viewed x times”.  The increased analytics around this will also drastically help organisations looking to communicate messages and information to their teams based remotely. 

5. Organisational Insights (powered by Workplace Analytics which Hable have just set up a practice in 😊) will help leaders to spot and address trends with their employees, such as understanding if employees are maintaining connections with colleagues and customers, or working longer hours with too many meetings. 

If you’d like to know more about any of the exciting announcements above, or to talk through how we could help your organisation to take advantage of these features, then please get in touch!

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