Introducing… A New Look For Hable
Hable has a brand new look!

#TeamHable are excited to share with you our new look and website. It’s been a whirlwind of a year, and like everybody, we’ve had to adapt and change the way we operate as a company, as well as helping our customers make the most of Microsoft 365 to help them navigate through the challenges of this year.

After so much change, we recognise the importance of taking some time for self reflection. During this time, we’ve had a re-vamp of our brand! We’re really delighted with it as, for a start, it means our brand is more inclusive (read more about that in the Accessibility section below). We also took this opportunity to stop and reflect on how our services have changed and evolved, and ensure that we remain aligned with our mission and values as we plan for the future.

Leading this transformation is our Creative Lead – Zac Wiltermood.

“We wanted to modernise the logo while still keeping our fun and educational tone of voice. We also wanted to simplify the elements while making it more visually appealing and practical.”


Accessibility is very important to us as a company and it is very much woven into everything that we do. While we did love our old branding (and I think everyone will agree, have had some difficulty in saying goodbye to the old Hable green..) the contrast in colours was quite low, so we wanted to upgrade our brand and improve the standard of accessibility.

“In the rebrand, we have been conscious of our use of colour, trying our best to create a brand that is inclusive for everybody. Someone who is colour blind may not see the separation of colours between light green on top of white, there is not much contrast so they can appear quite similar when on top of each other, reducing visibility. The new Hable green has a much greater contrast with white, making it much clearer for people who are visually impaired.” 

– Zac Wiltermood, Creative Lead

Dream. Deploy. is no longer part of our logo, however it is still an integral part of our brand. When going through this rebrand, our Founder Mark Reynolds reflected on the origins of what is essentially Hable’s motto.

“Hable started with two words written on a scrap of paper. Dream. Deploy. These two words provided the foundation for Hable and describe the unique value we provide to our customers. Since day one, we wanted to be a new kind of Microsoft Partner. We know how important it is to combine a big dream with a well-executed deployment plan. We help organisations build and shape their digital vision while supporting them through practical steps to make change happen. If you dream and deploy ‘the Hable way’ your people will be at the centre of your IT project.”

“I have loved working on the rebrand for Hable. As a growing company it was due a refresh, and I feel that the new logo and identity sums up our character and values as a brand really well!” 

– James Bush, Graphic Designer

Our Mission Statement

As well as a new look, we have re-evaluated what Hable means as a company by re-establishing our values and mission. Let’s take a look at our key messages..

Our mission statement is Changing how people feel about technology We love technology, but our real passion is people and giving them the tools they need to succeed in an ever-evolving workplace. This underlies every aspect of our work, it is our ongoing mission. 

“In this rebrand we have made a subtle change to the wording of our mission statement, using ‘changing’ instead of ‘change’ to open it. This makes the phrase more active and makes a greater impact upon reading.”

Anneka Shally, Marketing Executive

Hable drive the successful adoption of Microsoft 365 by putting your people at the heart of every project.

Our Services

The services we offer fall under the following three categories…

Managing Successful Change

All #TeamHable consultants are Prosci® ADKAR accredited. We know what it takes to achieve successful Change Management and Adoption of Microsoft 365.

Delivering Impactful Learning

Our specialist subject is inspiring your people to learn more about Microsoft 365. We don’t like the word “training”, we prefer the word “learning”.

Building Smart Workplaces

We will help you build a smart workplace that is inclusive for everyone, combining Microsoft Teams, SharePoint and the Power Platform to create a bespoke, modern workplace.

Our Sectors

Our key sectors have evolved! However, this doesn’t mean that we have changed the work that we do, or who we do it for. This simply reflects the fact that we are growing and the variety of customers that we work with has increased…


Changing how society works

Helping your government organisation to work more efficiently, enabling employees to focus on what really matters.


Changing the world of business

Getting your business ready to deliver more, drive efficiency and respond quickly when your market changes.


Changing how learning works

Empowering your staff, students and educators with the power of Microsoft technology, creating learning environments that work for everyone.


Changing the landscape of healthcare

Empowering your healthcare professionals with new ways of working, giving clinicians more time to focus on their patients.

Healthcare is our latest sector addition. Over the past year, Healthcare organisations have been rapidly embracing technology to maximise their time and resources to cope with the pandemic. During this time, we have been helping Healthcare organisations improve their processes using Microsoft 365, which is something we are going to build upon looking ahead at a time when we need them the most.

As part of this growth, we have colour coded our sectors. This helps us to define them in several ways. For a start, people will be able to easily locate points of interest that might be similar visually. For example, if you wanted to locate an event you have seen on our LinkedIn page, if it is an Education event, you can scan our feed looking out for an orange post.