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Hable are a Disability Confident employer with company values that embody inclusivity and ensure accessibility is built into everything we do. As we look to build on our commitment to accessibility, we are looking to support customers on their accessibility journey through our accessibility consultancy services.

1 in 8 people worldwide live with a disability. Making the workplace more accessible for everyone is vital if we are going to ensure that every person can participate and contribute. 70% of all disabilities are invisible, so how do we better understand their situations and ensure that technology is making their lives easier? By ensuring everything you do is accessible as standard, it creates a more inclusive culture and improves things for everybody, whether they have a disability or not.

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Sarah Mann

Head of Delivery and Accessibility at Hable

Sarah is an educational professional with over 30 years experience in both the public and private sector. Hable aims to change how people feel about technology, Sarah’s team ensures this happens enjoyably, engagingly, and effectively! Sarah also leads on Accessibility at Hable, ensuring accessibility is part of everything Hable does and that inclusion is a forethought, not an afterthought.

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Sean Phelps

Accessibility Consultant at Hable

Sean has recently started his new role as an accessibility consultant at Hable after previously working for Microsoft, supporting customers on their Microsoft 365 journey. As an accessibility consultant Sean looks to build on the great work Hable are already doing to ensure everything they do is accessible, and customers are supported in creating an inclusive workplace where everyone can fully participate and contribute.

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Hable provide a range of services around accessibility consultancy. We will work with you to identify what level of support is required, whether that is raising awareness with senior and middle leaders, running workshops with staff or developing comms plans and assets to promote accessibility priorities and practices.

“Working at Hable is great because they're Disability Confident and that made me disability confident. They encouraged me to talk about my epilepsy - it even led to me giving a talk at Microsoft"

– Sekela Ngamilo

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